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The Five Pointed Pump-tagram 15.01.19

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

I’ve just this second finished a test of this, inspired by an @theandrew.tracey workout - the Pentagram -it’s made up of five massive fundamental pillars of strength.

Pick a set of dumbbells that is your absolute 10 rep max for overhead push press.

You’ll be sticking with these throughout. Now set your timer to alert you every minute on the minute for FORTY MINUTES.

8 reps of the following moves, in this order: Deadlift, Push Press, Bent Rows, Bench and Racked Squats

There’s no prizes up for grabs, it’s an EMOM, there‘ll be enough satisfaction just completing it!

You’re welcome.

R E M E M B E R . T R A I N I N G I S A P R I V I L E G E

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