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Redemption 3.0 - Ebb and Flow

This workout is sure to test both your strength and endurance.

The 'Ebb and Flow' name comes from the varying rep/cal counts that you will undertake as you plough through the rounds. This is an Every Minute on the Minute protocol.

So it's relatively simple. Not easy. But simple.

Here are the moves you will be doing. In this order. You will set up your timer to beep/ring every minute. You have that minute to complete the move for the set amount of reps.


Air Bike Sprint

Bench Press

SkiErg Sprint

Kettlebell Swing

Row Sprint here’s the less simple bit. (check the photo I’ve included at the bottom for an easy way to understand!)

First 12 minutes (2 rounds through) you will complete 10 and 15 reps alternating each move.


Burpees x 10

Air Bike Calories x 15

Bench Press x 10

SkiErg Sprint x 15

Kettlebell Swing x10

Row Sprint x15

Then the next 6 minutes (3rd round) you'll complete 10 or 12.

Then, just as it's getting all too much (4th round) you will complete just 8 reps or cals on each move.

5th round, it gets ramped up again! You'll now complete either a big 12 or whopping 15 reps/cals on each move.

On the penultimate round, the 6th, you will then complete, 10, 12, or 15.


Burpees x 10

Air Bike Calories x 12

Bench Press x 15

SkiErg Sprint x 10

Kettlebell Swing x 12

Row Sprint x 15

FOR THE FINAL ROUND - You will complete max reps/cals and simply wait for the bell/beep and transition as quickly as possible.

You're more than welcome.

It is a beauty isn't it.

R E M E M B E R . T R A I N I N G I S A P R I V I L E G E

Note: As you can see, we alternated a few moves in the studio as we had limited resources against the amount of people who turned up to complete the 3rd Redemption of the year.

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