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Persistence 1.0 - 25/11/19

This is a similar protocol to the last workout I posted, and it is a result of a lot of trial and error intra-workout on Saturday morning. (I massively underestimated the time required for the D-ball lifts)

12 rounds, working every 2 minutes and 30 seconds. It's a ladder but working up every two rounds, to allow for you to complete both pairs of moves equally before increasing!!!

Ladder starting with 10 calories on the AirBike and 30 press ups, and in the second segment, 10 calories on the SkiErg and 12 D-Ball Over the Shoulder. (We used 40kg ball)

Once you have completed these at this rep amount, you repeat, increasing the calories on both machines by 2, and reducing the press ups by 5 and reducing the D-Ball hikes by 2.

Your 12 rounds will look like this...

Block 1:

10 calories on the AirBike , 30 Press Ups

Block 2:

10 calories on the SkiErg, 12 Over the Shoulders

Block 3:

12 calories on the AirBike, 25 Press Ups

Block 4:

12 calories on the SkiErg, 10 Over the Shoulders

Block 5: -

14 calories on the AirBike, 20 Press Ups

Block 6:

14 calories on the SkiErg, 8 Over the Shoulders

Block 7:

16 calories on the AirBike, 15 Press Ups

Block 8:

16 calories on the SkiErg, 6 Over the Shoulders

Block 9:

18 calories on the AirBike, 10 Press Ups

Block 10:

18 calories on the SkiErg, 6 Over the Shoulders

Block 11:

20 calories on the AirBike, 5 Press Ups

Block 12:

20 calories on the SkiErg, 4 Over the Shoulders




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