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MetCon Tuesday 26.03.19 - Bardio

Horrendous attempt at word play, horrendous workout. 'Barbell & Cardio' is the name of tonight's game.

Simple never means easy at the @E.T.PT Workout Club This is one of the simplest formats yet; All you need to do is work through the the following structure

40 seconds work, 20 seconds rest between work, x8. Each 8 minute round is made up of 4 intervals completed twice, back to back as a circuit.

Here is the template of the 4 moves:

1) Barbell Move

2) Plank Variation

3) Cardio/Erg Machine of your choice

4) Rest

Round 1

Barbell = Back Squat

Plank = RKC/Forearm Plank

Round 2

Barbell = Overhead Press

Plank = Straight Arm Plank

Round 3

Barbell = Deadlift

Plank = Hollow/Dish Hold

Round 4

Barbell = Reverse Lunges

Plank = Arch Hold

Round 5

Barbell = Floor Press

Plank = Straight Arm Plank On Bar

Rest accordingly between rounds. 5 rounds makes up a really solid bit of work with some real carry over.

If you're feeling spicy - add a 6th round, like we did in the video, and replace the barbell and plank moves, with plyo squats and plyo lunges for one final flourish!!!

Let me know how you get on, I love hearing even just one person's feedback. Comment if you have any queries.

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