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ETPT Chipper 1.0 - 20/11/19

This week's #Sisu Class fell foul of terrible traffic and only had two attendees, so I thought I best share so that you can all catch up with it and feel the joy of completing it!

This is how a chipper works....

You warm up, you walk to the board, you read the first line, and smash through whatever’s on it, then move to the next. Here’s the #ETPTWoD from Wednesday’s class

200 Squats

150 Bench Dips

120 KB Swings

100 Ball Slams

80 Barbell Curls

70 Press Ups

60 Burpee Box Jumps

50 Squat Thrusts

40 Calorie Row

30 Calorie AirBike

20 Caloris SkiErg

Enjoy. It’s been a while

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