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Acta, Non Verba - Weekend Workout 22/11/19

Tag me on Instagram when you have completed it.

12 rounds working every 3rd minute. 36 minutes of working to earn your rest.

This is one where if you pace yourself, you'll never get it done within the time, and if you don't pace yourself, you'll never get it done within the time!!!!

Ladder starting with 8 calories on the AirBike and 32 reps on the moves.

Each round, increase the calories by 2 and decrease the exercise by 2 reps.

Alternate between double hand swings on a your heaviest kettle-bell, and single arm snatches on a more comfortable weighted kettle-bell, focusing on form.

Your first four 3 minute segments will look like this...

Start the clock:

Block 1: 0-3 minutes

8 calories on the AirBike 32 KB Swings

- Block 2: 3-6 minutes 10 calories on the AirBike 30 SA KB Snatches (15/15) - Block 3: 6-9 minutes 12 calories on the AirBike

28 KB Swings

- Block 4: 9-12 minutes 14 calories on the AirBike

26 SA KB Snatches (13/13)


Continue to add and subtract each 3 minutes until you have blitzed your 12 rounds.



Tag @e.t.p.t with #ActaNonVerba


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