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Heading into 2019 as I write this, and having overseen a renovation of the studio, it looks to be a great year for clients and coaches alike.

ETPT - Elliott Thomas Personal Training was founded by two passionate people.


Elliott Wright and Thomas Forster, both at the time with full time occupations in unrelated fields.

From the ground up we had to build and fill our own studio, and piece by piece we populated the studio in line with our training styles.

Part-time training became a passion project that filled the hole left by sub-par coaching in the area and slowly began to become more than just a side project or hobby.

While we still pursue other interests occupation wise we take every effort to maintain the highest service level and the best group fitness class in the area. Come and try prove us wrong.

As we have become more busy, and we require more time in the studio to meet the needs of our clientele we will likely see changes that may see more coaches join the team.

The ETPT ethos resonates through every workout by every client.

Work hard, do what you can, start where you are and there really is no finish line.

Elliott Wright

Founder and Head Coach at the ETPT studio.

Always looking to keep pushing the boundaries, likes to keep the kit to a minimum and effort to a maximum.



Simple, doesn't mean easy.

Thomas Forster

The co-founding partner, who with various other business interests is not as heavily involved in the business, but continues to take the group classes. 

If you are lucky/unlucky to have him as your coach for the night, expect a hard workout.


More is more.


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