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ETPT, founded by two friends and passionate part time personal trainers Elliott Wright and Thomas Forster. 

In its short life span it has evolved into a training space that rivals those of ten times its size and budget.

We embrace the fundamental strength concepts and try to innovate to create a fun environment to train.


Fun and simple, but not easy.


ETPT is not a conventional gym; there are no seating areas, no spaces to hide. 

It is a place where clients are challenged daily to push themselves to be the best version of themselves.


I am so happy with the results of doing the Genesis programme. I never thought I could stay so committed to a programme and especially in a time where there isn’t anyone physically there to motivate me.


The app is so easy to use and with the tutorials being so easily accessible under each workout, I never felt like I didn’t know what I was doing.


The variety of the workouts from week to week and even day to day, made it consistently interesting and I really felt like I was working my whole body in different ways over the weeks.


This programme, coupled with being more aware of my nutrition, whilst being in lockdown, has lead to results that I could never have imagined.


I feel fitter and healthier and I haven’t even had to use weights! I can see from the testing that I’m gradually getting stronger, and increasing my reps on the key moves.


I am so impressed with the programme and I am so glad that it came in a time where I needed to stay focused on fitness. I cannot wait for the next phase, even more now that weights are being introduced.

- Madison W

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